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The agents resource is a collection of all agent accounts associated with your company. Available methods are:


Returns a list of agents. Each agent record includes the following fields:

  • user_id,
  • user_email,
  • user_fname,
  • user_lname,
  • user_date

Example Response - XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<agents version="1.0">
        <user_date>2010-06-25 20:00:00</user_date>
Example Response - JSON

GeSHi Error: GeSHi could not find the language json (using path /var/api/htdocs/api/documentation/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/geshi/geshi/) (code 2)

You need to specify a language like this: <source lang="html4strict">...</source>

Supported languages for syntax highlighting:

abap, actionscript, actionscript3, ada, apache, applescript, apt_sources, asm, asp, autoit, bash, basic4gl, blitzbasic, bnf, boo, c, c_mac, caddcl, cadlisp, cfdg, cfm, cil, cobol, cpp, cpp-qt, csharp, css, d, delphi, diff, div, dos, dot, eiffel, fortran, freebasic, genero, gettext, glsl, gml, gnuplot, groovy, haskell, html4strict, idl, ini, inno, io, java, java5, javascript, kixtart, klonec, klonecpp, latex, lisp, lotusformulas, lotusscript, lua, m68k, matlab, mirc, mpasm, mxml, mysql, nsis, objc, ocaml, ocaml-brief, oobas, oracle8, pascal, per, perl, php, php-brief, plsql, powershell, python, qbasic, rails, reg, robots, ruby, sas, scala, scheme, sdlbasic, smalltalk, smarty, sql, tcl, text, thinbasic, tsql, vb, vbnet, verilog, vhdl, visualfoxpro, winbatch, xml, xorg_conf, xpp, z80

Example Response - TEXT (pipe-delimited)

1234||John|Smith|2010-06-25 20:00:00
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